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A WildStar Guide to What You Can Do in Max Level

WildStar Online buddy will be coming out soon and your main goal should be to get yourself to max level in the fastest time possible. The areas to explore will be increased as you will be able to get to more areas and live through them. Also, more options as to what to do such as end game raiding or PVP will be unlocked once you reached that stage of the game. Also, the level can only be increased after patches or upgrades in the game have been made and it could take a long time before that happens. This is where you can also get a lot of in game gold as items at max level will be fought over.

Powerleveling in WildStar will be standard or the same with other MMO’s. You group up with a lot of players to take down one big boss. People will die and so will you sometimes, but when you do take the boss down, all the effort and frustration will be worth it. PVP in WildStar Online on the other hand will be somewhat standard as well. You have your battlegrounds which is a 10 versus 10 affair with your team fighting a team of the other faction. Arenas are either 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3 and will feature a ranking system as well where you fight for the right to be called the best team in PVP. A new addition in WIldStar is the Warplots where you now have 40 people matched up with other 40 people. It features bases, that you have to destroy in order to win and the great thing about this is that you can upgrade your base and the other team can as well. Better protection can help make you win the fight more easily as you can focus on just attacking the enemy base rather than split your team up to both attack and defend.

Raiding and end game PVP are more fun as you have now completed your gear and you can just focus on improving your skill. In other words, the playing field will now be more even for you or other players as the only difference now will be skills and mechanics. This could mean a lot for you if you’ve just started to try out PVP or raiding . WildStar guides whether for end game or for leveling will help you get better faster than what you thought possible. All the accumulated knowledge of what to do and what avoid will be right there in your hands so you can avoid the mistakes a lot of players make. So if you want an edge in your game, check out our WildStar guides.

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