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Spend 300$ to Secure your Battle Net Account Today

by LoL Booster

I have good news for you if you’re looking for a method on changing the first and last name of a battle.net account. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this on your own, but there are people out there who can do this for you for a nominal fee. If you’re willing to shell out a bit of money to improve your account security and feel the liberation of owning your own World of Warcraft account, this service will be priceless to you. Generally it costs a few hundred bucks in order to get this done, but with the amount of work involved with changing the first and last name on a battle.net account legally, this is an incredibly modest fee.

If you attempt to BS Blizzard Entertainment with some story that the original account owner is dead for example, you won’t be able to get very far. They will simply lock and ban the account, rendering you unable to reclaim it conventionally. This is obviously bad for people who spend thousands of dollars on a rare Scarab Lord account as an example. Likewise, if you have an old accounts that is sentimental to you and you’re looking to trade it off to a family member or a friend, you can bundle this battle.net name change service with the account transfer in order to fully qualify your friend or family member as the official owner of the account, minimizing any risk that the account will be locked or banned if they have trouble with a keylogger or a virus! You simply cannot afford to not purchase a battle.net name change as a serious World of Warcraft player. Considering how much money the average World of Warcraft account is worth, $300 is a mere fraction of the amount of money you would lose if the account was locked, banned, or deleted by Blizzard Entertainment.

You may disagree with me and think that 300 Dollars Is Way too much money to be spending on a service like this, and you may be right, but to many players this service is invaluable and irreplaceable. It comes down to you to decide what to spend your money on, and I’m only here to let you know that this is actually possible. For a very long time, player simply had to live with the risk of purchasing World of Warcraft accounts, swallowing their money if they made a mistake and had the account recalled by the original owner. No longer is this a problem, because battle.net name changes have made account recalls and other issues obsolete. You will never have a problem with account ownership dispute if you purchase the service, I can guarantee that. I first found out about this service when I purchased it from a trustworthy vendor, and it changed my online life! I was able to add my friends to real ID without any risk of embarrassment. They could see that the account was in my actual first and last name, and no one was the wiser.

Find out more @ www.battlenetnamechange.com

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Top Reviews for ELO Boosting

by LoL Booster

I’m a firm believer in “do-it-yourself” with almost everything, and there are rare exceptions to this philosophy. One of my few exceptions is gaming, because at the end of the day, I only have so much time to play the games that I love. I don’t want time constraints from real-world obligations to restrict what kind of rewards or content I unlock in the online games I play, so I usually just buy the rewards that I want without having to put in the hard work myself. WoW has RBG boosts, and League of Legends has Elo boosting. Elo boosting, contrary to popular belief, is 100% safe. If you go with a good company, I promise you that you won’t have any issues. I can’t say the same, however, for people who decide to skimp on money and go with bad companies.

Boost your own Elo at Elochief.com

Fortunately for us, we can have our cake and eat it too. We’re lucky enough to have Eloboost.com, which provides economically-priced Elo boosting services that delivered quickly. Their customer support just can’t be beat. I’ve seen a lot of horror story experiences with Elo boosting companies; hell, I’ve had some bad times with Elo boosters myself. Most of the Chinese companies have awful technical support, which I suppose is to be expected, since they don’t really speak English that well.


Eloboost is different, and you can tell this from the moment that you jump onto their site. They’ve got an amazingly easy to use interface with a pricing tool that’ll make your head spin. In addition, their Facebook is packed with real fans that have tried the service and have shown continual support for Eloboost as a result. They’ve got a mailing list promotion called the “VIP club” where they give their loyal customers a 10% off discount and a lifetime expedited delivery option free of charge; as if the savings weren’t enough already.


You can head on over to their website, sign up for the VIP club, and get your Elo boost for an incredibly low price. Take it from me, these guys are the BEST! I’m not paid to promote them, nor do I have any connections or interest in the company. These guys are A1 legit, and no matter how hard you try, you will never find a service as good as theirs. Place your order today with them if you’re looking for an Elo boost, and skip out on the other guys.

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Best ELO Boosting

by LoL Booster

Stealth boostBelieve me when I say this: Most places that sell Elo boosting are ripping you off BIG time. I’ve going through a lot of different sites and seen the same BS. They’re always trying to jack their prices up one hundred, two hundred, or three hundred percent compared to the price that they get these boosts from, from their suppliers. As a consumer, you deserve way better than that kind of treatment. I’m here to tell you how to save tons of money on Elo boosting. You need to stop overpaying for a service that can be done easily, and there’s a company out there that can help you save a lot of cash.

Eloboost.com is the best Elo boosting service, no competition. They always have the lowest prices, and they come highly recommended from some of the top League of Legends service review sites like Cheapestboost. They literally have the lowest prices on the market, and if you find someone that’s selling cheaper than them, you can bring them the proof of the competitor’s price and they’ll beat it by 20%! Their customer support speaks English, and they’re based out of the United States of America. How could it get better than that?

If you’re still not convinced, give their website’s pricing tool a try. They tell you exactly how much it’ll cost to get from one division to another and the tool couldn’t be any easier to use. When you first visit their website, you’ll see their frontpage stuffed to the brim with quotes from past happy customers that have used their service. Since Eloboost is willing to display testimonials from all of their customers, show hundreds of Likes from their Facebook fans, and prove that they’re basically the best service out there, why would you go with anyone else?

Look, I’m not paid by these guys to promote them. I used their services once and I was blown away. I’ve purchased Elo boosting from a bunch of different companies, but I’ve never come across one that does service this professionally. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. I guarantee that you’ll be just as impressed as I was. I’ve purchased 3 Elo boosts from them in the past, and I’ll continue to do so as gifts for friends, family, and myself. They have some great promotional deals and huge savings through their mailing list, so you should sign up and check them out.


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Get ELO Boosting Now

by LoL Booster

Boosts LoLLeague of Legends is always having updates. Whether it’s to update mechanics, balance the game, release new Champions, or counteract exploits, Riot is always providing free content to its players. Some things will never change, though: League of Legends will always be here, the fundamental gameplay will remain intact and unchanged, and there will always be Elo boosting. Maybe you’ve heard a few things about Elo boosting by now, but I guarantee that you don’t know the truth. Elo boosting is a service that is delivered virtually in exchange for real-world currency. It is purchased through websites run by teams that specialize in League of Legends. These organized teams have years of experience helping players reach the ratings they desire in League of Legends, and they can help you if you’re interested.

Maybe you’ve got a stream and you want to impress your subscribers by reaching Diamond League, or maybe you want to prove to your friends that you’re more than just a scrub. Whatever the reason you’re seeking out information about Elo boosts, this is the place to find it. I’ve tried over one hundred different Elo boosting providers, from professional incorporated companies to private teams making their trade through online forums and gaming community boards. I know who is who in this industry, and I think you can greatly benefit from my knowledge on the situation.

The best place to go for quality Elo boosting is an organization known as Eloboost. These guys are top-notch players with top-quality services. They deliver quickly, they do what they promise, and they have amazing customer service to boot. There’s not a time I’ve ever been disappointed with their service, and from someone who has tried well over 100 Elo boosting services, I can tell you that these guys are the absolute best without a doubt in my mind.

They can do boosts LoL for all Champions, and all divisions. If you’re sitting all the way down at Bronze division V and you want to get to Diamond League, they will have no problems running you up to that League. Ranking is not an issue, and this team can do anything. I mean it when I say that these guys are unbeatable. They could not be any more highly recommended from me. They were there for me every step of the way, whether it was through E-mail, on-site support, or over Skype.

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Purchase ELO Boosts

by LoL Booster

Welcome to my website, I’m happy to see you. I’ve compiled a ton of resources here for interested parties. If you’re looking for information on so-far unreleased League of Legends content, upcoming game patches, or detailed guides and information on the Elo boosting industry; this is the best place to find resources for all of those topics. Today, we’ll be covering what we know about the new Champion, Jinx. Jinx was announced by Riot games as the latest League of Legends Champion a couple of weeks ago. From what we know now, she’s either got some powerful psychic abilities or an arsenal of incredibly potent weapons. We don’t know a ton about her other than that she’s been causing trouble for Caitlyn for years. Like Caitlyn, she was born in Piltover, and continues to lead dangerous crime sprees.

There is a lot of speculation as to whether Jinx will primarily fill the role of an AP Carry or a Jungler, but we really can’t say yet. It’s all up to Riot, and since Jinx is still in development, all leaks should be treated as inaccurate. Even if Riot decides for a moment that they’re going to make Jinx into a Jungler, they might make her a Support or AP Carry before she’s released to be played by the masses.

If you’re as psyched to play Jinx as I am, you know that you’ll give her a try even if she isn’t your type of Champion. The only new Champion we’ve had in a while is Aatrox, and not a lot of players ended up liking him very much. Perhaps Jinx will be a good change of pace for people that are a bit bored of the current Champion choices. One source reports that she will have an incredibly high damage output, and will be adept at taking out many enemies at once.

You may consider pre-ordering an Elo boosting service for Jinx way ahead of time if you’re keen on saving big bucks. Sometimes, pre-orders cost hundreds of dollars less than regular orders on websites like Eloboost, so it certainly can’t hurt to send a message to their customer support and ask if they’re giving out good deals on preorders for Jinx. They’re an amazing company, and they’re pretty accommodating to everyone’s needs. Even if you’re not as excited for Jinx as I am, you can still check out their website and order a boost for an ultra-cheap price!

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